May 10, 2005

Well, life has finally returned to normal. My extended absence for family reasons became even more extended and more difficult than I had expected. I didn’t have a lot of time to drink wine (…) and I even had to bow out of the Winnipeg Wine Festival last weekend.

But I hope to make up for lost time with lots of posts in the next few weeks. I was lucky enough to try a few great wines in my travels (travails?) and I had some excellent meals too – including a trip to my favourite Indian restaurant in the whole wide spice-loving world.

And I learned to love the LCBO, which may not make me so popular with any wine-blog readers in Ontario. But they do have a good selection. And the fact that taxes are included in the price made my Manitoban heart beat madly. So next time, I’ll post a few of my new discoveries up here.

But I’ll close off with a local wine find. On Sunday, I picked up a bottle of the Lurton Mendoza Pinot Gris (Argentina) at my local MLCC outlet. It set me back a whopping $9.31 before taxes. And it was amazing. Beautiful light floral nose (almost Gewürztraminer-esque), with tonnes of rich, almost oily peach and apricot flavours in the mouth. Nice long finish, and a perfect wine for spring. A total steal, and I’m going back to get more tonight.

I also picked up a box (yes, a box) of the De Bortoli Chardonnay (Australia) in a fit of uncharacteristic cheapness. I’ll be polite and let my silence about this wine speak for itself. Needless to say, I learned my lesson. No more boxed wine for me.

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