Fusion Grill

July 22, 2005

I’m not in the business of promoting restaurants, but anyone who hasn’t checked out Fusion Grill’s new menu is missing out badly. And their all-Canadian wine list has some hidden gems. Off the top of my head, I’d say the following wines look very interesting:

  • Kettle Valley Winery VIOGNIER 2003 Naramata Bench (Okanagan Valley)
  • Sandhill PHANTOM CREEK VINEYARD “ONE” 55% Petit Verdot, 35% Cab. Sauv. 10% Malbec 2001 (Okanagan Valley)
  • Red Rooster Winery “GOLDEN EGG” 2001, Naramata Bench (Okanagan Valley)
  • Angels Gate Winery BARREL 56 PINOT NOIR 2002, Beamsville (Niagara Peninsula)

I’ve seen the Sandhill on the shelves at the Kenaston Wine Market, but the other three are new to me. I’m especially interested in the Angels Gate, as I think Niagara is totally underrated for their fine Pinot Noirs. As the winemakers and growers fine-tune their work, the Pinots from this region should only get better. And BC reds can be pretty big and bruising, especially those from the southern Okanagan (Naramata being a prime example).

Fusion Grill supports some fine local producers and should be applauded for their commitment to Manitoba food and Canadian wine. I regularly see the owner shopping at the St. Norbert Farmer’s Market, picking out the finest vegetables and haggling with the Hutterites (something I’ve never been able to manage).

And if you’re going to pay restaurant prices for wines (and FG’s are for the most part, quite fair), you need some fine vittles to pair with them. Off the top of my head, only a few local restaurants can match the kitchen here. Mise, the Velvet Glove, Provence and a couple of others can reach these heights.

Thus ends our foray into restaurant ravings for now. More on wines next time.

One comment

  1. I thought it was “Mise…”, and that the aforementioned elliptically titled restaurant was never to mentioned in the same breath as Fusion.

    I don’t care – they’re both good and they buy local, etc.

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