Smoking hot news!

August 3, 2005

Hot news for Viognier-lovers and waterfowl fans alike. The Smoking Loon Viognier will soon be touching down at your local liquor mart (and private wine stores by request). At $13.74 per bottle (before taxes), this is a fine deal indeed. See this earlier post for more details on the wine. And expect to see me in line with the bottled waterfowl in my shopping basket.

A great big Winnipeg Wine Blog thank-you to an astute reader for pointing this out to me. I owe you a glass (or three) of Smoking Loon the next time I see you. Thanks also to said reader for pointing out that it is apparently illegal in Manitoba to post prices with the taxes included.


  1. You know that bottle of the Smoking Loon that, um, ‘that guy’ put aside for me? Well, someone bought it. Bastards.

  2. Harsh news my friend. I can console you with the fact that a brood of loons have taken up residence in my wine rack.

    Hmmmm…they seem to have flown the proverbial coop. 😉

  3. I had my “loon” with some delightful chinese food from Springroll Restaurant, situated on Notre Dame, near Tec-Voc.

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