American Duet

August 12, 2005

I started my new job this week, so I haven’t had a lot of time for wine blogging (or wine drinking for that matter). But a couple of American wines have crossed my path lately, so here’s some quick notes.

Firesteed Pinot Noir ($14.34): I like Oregon Pinot Noir, despite my lack of experience with the stuff. I’ve had previous vintages of this, and I was prepared for it to be light. But I didn’t expect it to be so light. Some hints of the familiar Pinot Noir funk on the nose (a.k.a “forest floor”) and lots of cherries in the mouth make this a nice summertime red. But for a few bucks more, you can find the Mission Hill “Five Vineyards” Pinot Noir, which is way better than this one. Or you can go down to $12 and change for the Cono Sur Pinot Noir.

Cline “Red Truck” Red ($16.50). An unusual blend of Syrah, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Franc and (I believe) Merlot. Nice rich red colour, with a lot of rough fruit on the nose. In the mouth, it was tasty. Didn’t hold up the second day though, and I’d be a lot happier if it cost around $12. For this price, I can get a much better wine elsewhere. It’s a good pizza wine, but be sure to finish it the same day you open it.

In other news, today is my wife’s birthday, and I’ve picked up a bottle of “The Berrio” Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa’s Flagstone winery as a present. I’ve liked everything else I’ve tried from this company, so I’m looking forward to a glass of this when I get home tonight. At the price I paid (which I’ll keep to myself – since my wife has been known to read my blog), it had better be good. Somehow though, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. Expect my notes later this weekend.


  1. Happy birthday to her!

  2. Happy Celebrating!! I expect a full report on “The Berrio”

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