British Columbia vs. Ontario

October 7, 2005

Once again, I have managed to outdo myself in updating this blog. I’ve got about four different posts on the go and haven’t managed to complete one of them. Given that we’re still unpacking the new house, I’m not surprised.

And prepare for more delays, loyal reader (reader’s?). Tomorrow, I leave for a week in British Columbia, home of Canada’s finest wine. I’m not saying that as a shot against Ontario wine, which can be excellent. I think the Ontario industry is more consistent as whole, but individual BC wineries produce Canada’s best wines.

With the exception of Pinot Noir and Gamay (and I’m still not sure about Ontario Pinot Noir), I think BC produces the best reds in Canada. Ontario’s Rieslings and Gewürztraminers are better – no questions asked. But BC produces finer Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Gris. I’ve yet to try an Ontario sparkling wine, but have enjoyed the Stellar’s Jay Brut from BC’s Sumac Ridge many times. So there you have it.

When I’m back, I hope to have some time to actually post some of these tasting notes. And I plan on enjoying lots of good B.C wine when I’m out there too.


  1. I would definitely say I like BC Pinot Noir better – the few I have had from Ontario have generally been disappointing. I’ve liked the Inniskillin Okanagan Dark Horse Vineyard Pinto and the Quails Gate so many times, as well as the Mission Hill, that I can’t imagine any influx of killer Ontario Pinot Noir that could sway me.

    Oh yeah, major guilt – that CD you “borrowed” from you know where that you asked me to return is still in my car. Sorry.

  2. And of course by “Pinto” I mean “Pinot,” not the bean of the same name. Although I am sure Okanagan Pinto beans are just swell.

  3. I’ve never tried the Dark Horse Pinot, but I love their Meritage. I’ll have to look for it when I’m out in Vancouver. Thanks for the tip.

    I used to really like the Stoney Ridge Pinot Noir from Ontario, but it went through an awkward adolescence. A couple of stinky, secondarily-fermented bottles later and I had enough.

    There’s some neat Pinot coming out of Niagara, but I haven’t seen much of it here. The LCBO flagship store in Ottawa stocks some nice stuff (Henry of Pelham Reserve Pinot Noir for one) but it doesn’t make it this far west.

    CD? What CD? I know nothing. 😉 I confessed my misdeed to our mutal friend ‘A.L’ a few weeks back. Maybe he’s forgotten. If not, I’ll treat him to a bag of BC pinto beans…

  4. Greetingsfrom BC! Pouring rain but Sushi makes up for it. Found an interesting wine from Austrlia I’ll bring back to try – a dry Muscat from Craneford. Going to the Van. Art Gallery to see Picasso tomorrow.

  5. A dry Muscat? That should be interesting. I’ve always thought Australian Muscats were more on the sticky side of things.

    Have fun at the Picasso exhibit. We missed it by two days – it was frustrating to see the posters everywhere but know that we couldn’t make it…–>

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