Multiple tasting notes

December 2, 2005

I worked a tasting at my friendly neighbourhood wine store a few weeks back. As I’ve been busy at work lately and haven’t finished any of the four posts I have on the go right now, I thought I’d just post the notes I took that night.

There were 13 wines tasted in total, but because of where I was standing, I only tried seven of them (poor me). The highlight for me was the Jumilla – it was amazing. Anyways, enough of my blathering. Here are my notes:

Evans & Tate “Gnangara” Chardonnay (Australia)

Shows off lots of beautiful, fresh tropical fruit flavours. Unoaked, but richer (and crisper) than I expected. Although at a price of $16 (CDN), it wouldn’t be my first choice for a Chardonnay.

Robert’s Rock Sauvignon Blanc/Chenin Blanc (South Africa)

Blah, blah and more blah. I guess “neutral” would be the kindest way to describe this. No point in wasting any more valuable typing time on this one. It’s a crowd pleaser, if only because it’s under $10 and nobody will be offended by it. I doubt anybody will really enjoy it either, but c’est la vie. There are many better South African wines at the same price range – don’t bother with this one.

Bojo ‘Anno’ Beaujolais (France)

Really really tasty (really), with lots of rich (for a Beaujolais) fruit flavours. Should be chilled for 5-10 minutes, and pair it with lighter food – no steak for this one! Much nicer than the typical Beaujolais you find on the market these days.

J. Lohr ‘Cypress’ Merlot (California)

Holy freakin’ tannins Batman! I don’t usually get this much backbone from a California Merlot. It is really good, with richer fruit flavours (more currant than plum) than I expected. The price ($18) is a bit steep, considering that you can get many Australian or Canadian Merlots for much less. But, if someone brings this over for dinner, be sure to thank them for it. It is a real treat at this time of the year.

Crianza Castillo de Jumilla (Spain)

Mmmmm…..Spanish wine…..my favourite. The nose was funkier than a Maceo Parker box set, and it reminded me of nothing more than a good Pinot Noir. In the mouth, it showed off a medium-bodied flavour, with lots of cherries and coffee. Hints of oak, but very well-balanced and extremely tasty. At $14 I’d call it the best bargain of the night. Good with food and good on it’s own. I hope Santa fills my stocking with this little treat.

Delaforce Tawny Port

My notes were a bit messy by this point (spilling the Jumilla on my sheet didn’t help), but I think I really liked this one. Lots of exclamation points and a big ‘WOW’ at the top. I remember typical tawny port flavours (caramel, dried fruit and spices), and I also remember that it went really well with the Toblerone bars we put out (so did the Jumilla). I love tawny port, and for $16 or $17 (I can’t read what I wrote), this is a steal. A big glass of this will make even the coldest night bearable.


  1. Hey A,

    Mar here.
    FYI – the Castillo de Jumilla has some new arrivals this week. There is a Monastrell-Tempranillo in for $10 that is super smooth. There are also white (crisp, acidic, clean) and a true dry rose; both $10.

    See you soon.

  2. Mmmm…more Spanish wines. I know where I am going today!

    And I have one more tasting note to post, since apparently I was unable to count yesterday.–>

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