Angel’s Gate Riesling

February 17, 2006

In the category of “noticed on the shelf but ignored for no good reason” is the Angel’s Gate Riesling. I will be the first to give my wife full credit for picking this one out. She’s not a big Riesling fan, but knows that it’s my favourite grape. So imagine my surprise when she arrived home last night bearing a cold bottle of the Angel’s Gate 2004 Riesling (Ontario VQA).

I will confess to being a bit set in my ways when it comes to Riesling. If I want a dry Riesling, I’ll buy a fine bottle from Ontario’s Henry of Pelham or BC’s Cedar Creek. If I want a bit of sweetness, I’ll go for the delicious Cave Springs Off-Dry or (my favourite) the Vineland Semi-Dry (both from Ontario). If I feel like something different, I’ll try any number of fine German Rieslings. And because of my habits, the Angel’s Gate has just never crossed my palate before.

But this was oh so good. The nose was classic Riesling, with lots of minerals and citrus in evidence. The first sip tasted almost sweet in a floral kind of way, but quickly dried out with a long and crisp blast of minerals and lime juice. There was plenty of acidity in the mouth too, but it was balanced by some very rich floral and citrus flavours. I had this on its own, but it would also be perfect with an order of takeout Indian food from one of our fine local restaurants (my preferences would be Ivory).

At $14.63 plus tax at your neighbourhood MLCC, it’s a bit pricier than some other Rieslings. But I’d say its worth the price. Angel’s Gate is a small boutique winery, and I’ve heard very good things about their work before. And this vintage is already sold out at the winery – so act fast if you’re interested.


  1. Thank you for the great comments! I’m glad that you are enjoying the wine. Mext time you are in the MLCC try some of the other products that we have.

    We celebrated our 3rd year in Winnipeg this month and have enjoyed everyones support.

    Thank you again.

  2. I will certainly keep my eyes open for more Angels Gate wines. I’m always happy to support the Canadian wine industry, and with wines like this, it’s not difficult at all!

  3. My co-editor Michelle and I stumbled across Wine in the ‘Peg while searching for other Canadian wine blogs in this great wide blogging world. Sadly, there are far too few of us out there, and we were delighted to find a Manitoban compatriot putting out top quality, intriguing stuff. It was nice to see another fan of Angel’s Gate Riesling, as that vineyard is a frequent stop on our jaunts through Niagara. I would suggest perhaps their 2004 Cab Franc, which I seem to recall also being quite solid.

    From us at Grape Juice, to you at Wine in the ‘Peg, keep up the great blogging.

  4. Thanks Erin,

    It’s always nice to hear from other Canadian wine bloggers (not that I don’t also like to hear from international bloggers too).

    I’ve just checked out your blog and am very impressed with the work you and Michelle have done – especially your wine rating system. I’ll be sure to add Grape Juice to my blogroll.


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