Lindeman’s Bin 35 Rosé

June 12, 2006

A dependable dry rosé for the summertime is a very good thing. I enjoy white wine, but sometime I just crave the richness of flavour found in red wines. And the blistering heat and humidity of summer are not a friendly match with bigger red wines.

That’s where rosés come into the picture. The drier they are, the more they will satisfy your red wine cravings, without being too overwhelming (try a big Cabernet outdoors in mid-July and you’ll see what I mean). Judging by my experience yesterday, I think the Lindeman’s Bin 35 will be a frequent visitor to my fridge this summer.

I’ve passed this one up a few times in the past, but after spending most of the weekend on yard work, I was craving a cold glass of wine. The rest of the wines in the Lindeman’s ‘Bin’ series are usually good, so I decided to give the Bin 35 a try. Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but it was a pretty good move on my part.

Made from Grenache and Shiraz, this wine packs a lot of flavour into the glass. It’s a bit darker than most rosés I’ve come across lately, and the nose has a lot of sweet fruit (cherry for the most part). But it’s soft and dry in the mouth, with more fruit (cherries again and some raspberries) and a little hint of spice. I had this by itself, but it would be a great match with BBQ chicken, grilled salmon or even home-made burgers.

As a bonus, it’s on sale at the MLCC for $9.99 right now. Stock up for the summer, it’s worth it.

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