Pepperwood Grove Old Vines Zinfandel

September 21, 2006

Just to prove that I’m not totally consumed by my day job, here’s a new post for you. 

Pepperwood Grove is one of the many ranges of wines from the multi-faceted Sebastiani family. I admit that I have a hard time distinguishing between this brand and Smoking Loon (also by the same folks), so I won’t play favourites. But I will say that all these wines hold some good varietal characteristics while remaining affordable and easy-drinking.

The Zinfandel is – in my ever so humble opinion – the best of the bunch. It’s sourced from 100% Lodi fruit. In the glass, it shows off some nice deep purple colours, with a classic Zinfandel nose (think blackberries and spice with a hint of earthiness). It’s medium-bodied (despite being a whopping 13.9% ABV) and is just big enough to stand proud against some charred burgers. In the mouth, there is a ton of great berry flavours with some hints of earth and spice (haven’t we heard this line before?). A long finish wraps up this tasty package.

For $13.99, it’s highly recommended. My only wish is that I had come across this one earlier in the summer. BBQ season is far from over, but the long evenings spent on the back patio have come to an end (it went down close to zero on Friday night).



  1. Where can you purchase this wine in Winnipeg?

  2. The MLCC doesn’t carry it. The only store I know of that carries it is the Kenaston Wine Market. I’m not sure if you can find it anywhere else.

  3. As an update, I hear that it’s sold out at Kenaston. More is on order but I don’t know when they will get it.

    In the meantime, the Pepperwood Grove Syrah (available at the same place) is an excellent substitute.

  4. Hi

    We had another old vine Zinfandel – Gnarly Head – at a friend’s house. They purchased it as the Wine Festival, and as we’ve just discovered after calling around to every wine story in Winnipeg, it’s not available (with almost everyone, except for Banville & Jones, completely inaware of it)which is too bad. It had a lovely smooth, yet intense taste.

    I just discovered your blog (wel,l your old one first) and have added this new blog to my weekly check list.

  5. You’re right – the Gnarley Head Zin is absolutely delicious. I’ve seen it at Kenaston and at a couple of MLCC outlets (Grant Park, Madison Square and Burnell).

    Glad you liked the blog. I’m going to try for more regular updates now that work has slowed down a bit!


  6. I was in the Grant Park MLCC last night and apparently the do stock Gnarly Head but were out (there were more coming in, in a couple of days). I picked up 7 Deadly Zins instead. It was substantially more expensive ($25 instead of $16) and I liked it less – to rich for my tastes.

    We called Kenaston and they said they didn’t carry it – maybe they didn’t check their inventory when we called?

  7. Seven Deadly Zins is also very tasty, but a lot richer. I have posted about that wine in the past (last November).

    Funny that Kenaston didn’t have any. I saw some there, but it was about six weeks ago – maybe they didn’t restock it when they sold out?

  8. Winn Dixie carries it

  9. This wine is amazing for the price! You could easily pay $10 more and be let down.

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