Lulu B. Pinot Noir

October 18, 2006

A good Pinot under $15 is a rare beast indeed. Even rarer is a good French Pinot at that range. So when the Lulu B Pinot Noir ($13.11 @ the MLCC) caught my eye this past weekend, I couldn’t resist. Originating in the Pays d’Oc (Limoux to be exact), this is a nice, light Pinot made by famed Burgundy negociant Louis Bernard. And it shows that the French are finally catching on to what makes New World wines so successful. There is a Lulu B. website, which has been down since Monday (you can find it here – just be sure to keep the volume on your computer turned down).

An attractive (if slightly cheesy) package and a screwtop make this more accessible than your average French wine. And this particular brand is all about the varietal – not the village or vineyard. It’s great for someone looking to get into French wine without having to read a few books or break the bank. I’m a big fan of French wine, so it’s nice to see them taking marketing seriously.  

Now the Lulu B. Pinot Noir is not a world-class wine. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t find a classic Burgundy here. It is what it is. But it is a nice, light (no tannins) Pinot with loads of soft cherry flavour and just enough earthy undertones to make this interesting. And you’ll find it to be a good match for some grilled salmon.

On a related note, I see that the MLCC has reduced the price of Gallo’s Red Bicyclette line of tasty French wines. They have dropped from almost $16 down to $13.99. Good on them. It’s nice to see the MLCC actually reduce a price. And the wines were a decent buy at $16, but for $13.99 they are an even better deal.


  1. Agreed – good, inexpensive pinot is tough to find. Would you believe Romania? I recently had a “Pinot Noir, Chevalier de Dyonis, dealu mare 2005” – surprisingly decent at C$9.55. I rarely troll the cheap pinot section of the SAQ, but the Montreal Gazette writer gave it high praise. It went well with a raclette at a little bistro east of Quebec City, nice value. Anyway, nice blog, keep it up.

  2. Interesting – I have only ever seen Romanian Merlot on the market here. I enjoyed your blog by the way, and have added it to my blogroll. Always nice to find another Canadian wine blog.

  3. Agreed – nice to see another Canadian wine blog! I have passed on your address to all of the ‘peg wine lovers I know. Thanks for adding me to the ‘roll. I have added a link to your site as well.

  4. can you help me with name(s) of danish dealers please?

  5. Don’t know of any dealers in Denmark, but check the LuluB website and see if they list an EU distributor. That’s your best bet.

  6. This is very interesting. I am from Ontario and now in Quebec City in August 2008. We love Pinot Noir and drink Lulu B all the time as it is readily available in Ontario liquor stores. At the SAQ here we were referred to the Romanian Chevalier de Dyonis and bought a bottle of the 2007. It was great. We now have two excellent cheap Pinot Noirs. We are used to spending a lot more for New Zealand Pinots but you can’t complain about these prices. If only they sold that Romanian one in Ontario we would be happy for the choice of bargains.

    • I am still enjoying Pinot Noirs. There is a cheap Ontario one called Stoney Ridge which is not bad. For under $20 try Oyster Bay Pinot Noir from New Zealand. Their whites are excellent too.

  7. Just had this last night and enjoyed it greatly. Light, refreshing, easy on the palatte with long legs and without the tannins, wonderful to be had on it’s own with a good novel or a sit down with some Stanley Cup Playoffs, or some “Friends” episodes.

    A great price here in Saskatchewan at about $12 per bottle, I will definately add it to my favourite list.

    A good french wine at a great price.

  8. I thought it was great with deep fried zucchini.

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