Fielding Estate Reserve Riesling

January 22, 2007

Recently, I shared an evening and several bottles of wine with a group of like-minded friends. We got to talking about different wine writers, and one friend said that she really preferred writers who talk about how the wine makes them feel. In her view, she would rather have a writer describe the wine from an emotional level instead of wowing her with all of the descriptors they could apply to the wine. It was an interesting conversation and got me thinking about my own writing.

Anyways, my contribution to the evening was a bottle of Niagara’s finest. Specifically, it was the Fielding Estate Winery 2004 Reserve Riesling. Maybe it wasn’t the best choice on an evening where the temperature dropped to well below -30 C before the wind-chill was factored in. But everyone enjoyed it.

So, taking the good advice I was given, how did the Fielding Reserve Riesling make me feel? Aside from the sheer pleasure that a good Riesling gives, this wine made me very happy.

Why? Because to me, this wine shows off just how good Canadian Riesling can be. The nose was classic Niagara Riesling, with lots of grapefruit and petrol. It was just slightly off dry, with more grapefruit and green apple flavours providing some zippy acidity and a nice long finish. And it made me kind of sad, because it’s only available here through the Opimian Society, which I don’t belong to. So it’s unlikely that I’ll try a bottle of this again unless the person who gifted this to me has another one in their cellar and is willing to share!

I think it’s also important to point out that wines like this make me proud of what my country can produce. Maybe we can’t grow the blockbuster Cabernets that some other countries can. But Canadian wine is world-class, and wines like the Fielding prove it.

What would this wine be best served with? In a perfect world, I would have enjoyed it while listening to the new Shins album (“Wincing The Night Away”), which is rocking my wine-loving world right now. Failing that, I think it’s best enjoyed with good friends and some takeout Indian food. Just not when it’s 35 below outside.


  1. Great to hear from you again! As an Opimian I think I will hunt this down (Quebec doesn’t carry Ontario wine either). Riesling is grape I need to do more often.

  2. Fielding is lovely. They do a really nice Pinot Noir too. Beautiful tasting room and they use those neat stemless Riedels.

    One of my new favourites.

  3. Fielding makes a Pinot? Wow. I’ll have to take a trip down that way next time I’m in the area. And it might just be reason enough to join the Opimian Society too!

  4. A?
    Tag… You’re it.
    Make it wine themed…

  5. Tagged eh? This could be fun, and a break from routine. It will have to wait until next week though, I’m out of town until the 5th.

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