Pasqua Primitivo

February 14, 2007

I ran a tasting on Saturday with ten wines, comparing the Old World with the New World. The core of the tasting was a set of four challenges.

I paired up an Australian Chardonnay (Kanawinka Ridge) with a nice white Burgundy from Alain Geoffrey. We ran through two Pinots (one from Laboure-Roi and a new one from Argentina) and a red Bordeaux vs. a California Cabernet (Sterling Vineyards). And I paired up a new vintage of the basic Pasqua Primitivo with the Painter Bridge Zinfandel.

I’ve done this kind of tasting before, and the New World wines usually win out. Not that they are necessarily better, but because the flavours present in New World wines is usually more appealing on the first sip, especially when served without food. But this group really surprised me when they kept going back to the Old World wines as their favourites.

They chose the Bordeaux over the big luscious California Cab, and even the Chardonnay split (usually a New World smackdown) was 50/50. Admittedly, the Bordeaux was from the luscious 2003 vintage, and the Kanawinka Ridge Chardonnay has a very un-Australian flavour profile, with lots of tangy acidity.

It was a great tasting with a younger crowd, and I even got to enjoy some birthday cake at the end. The Pasqua Primitivo was the favourite wine of the night. I went through one bottle of each wine, but had to open a second bottle of the Primitivo.

This is the 2005 vintage, and it is delicious.

Let me spell it out for you: DEE-freakin’-LICIOUS.

If you want your palate to be massaged by some leathery Primitivo fruit (ooh – that doesn’t sound so good) then rush out and pick up a bottle of this wine right now at your local private store. It’s a steal for $11.99 and is guaranteed to go well with pizza or pasta or roast chicken.

I served it up with a tasty local chicken (simply roasted with olive oil, S&P, rosemary, lemons, garlic and oregano). And the match was improved by using a gravy recipe from ‘Lucy’s Kitchen’ (the new Lucy Waverman cookbook – highly recommended) which called for balsamic vinegar and chicken stock.

Damn fine combination indeed.


  1. The Pasqua sounds great, and available locally – will give it a try.

  2. […] 2005 vintage of the Pasqua Primitivo (which I raved about earlier) continues to wow the crowds. I did a tasting last weekend where it once again came out on […]

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