Summertime Goodness – Part 1

July 5, 2007

It’s been awhile. To explain the long absence, all I can say is that a bout of appendicitis makes it hard to enjoy wine. Not only does the actual process itself really suck, but the thermonuclear antibiotics they give you pretty much kill your ability to enjoy food and/or alcohol for weeks afterwards.  

Anyways, enough of my health woes.  I’m feeling good and back to drinking wine (and expanding my eating horizons past chipped ice and jello). I’ve got lots of notes stored up, so I’ll keep it brief. 

Michel Torino Malbec Rose 2006 (Argentina – $9.80 @ MLCC) 

I like the Michel Torinio Malbec (also the same price), so decided to give their rose a shot. Hey, it’s summertime and I’m always up for a cheap dry rose. This fit the bill perfectly. Bone dry with a floral aroma (I’d say roses) and a neat musky taste in the mouth. Not a lot in the way of that candied Australian rose goodness that I love so much, but a nice wine for the price. 

One Leg Pinot Noir 2006 (France, $12.97 @ MLCC) 

If you don’t like maraschino cherries, stay away from this wine. Actually, I wouldn’t recommend it in general. I found it to be nice and light, but the taste of maraschino cherries was overwhelming. It wasn’t sweet, but the cherries were too much. There was not a trace of that luscious Pinot funk to be found and the cheesy flamingo label didn’t help.

In all fairness, I did revisit after three days (which should give you an indication of how popular it was in my house) and it was a little better. The candied fruit was mellower and there was some funk showing up. But for $11.95 the new Carmen Pinot Noir blows it away (watch for a future post on that lovely wine). I think the moral of the story is, if you want a decent French Pinot, you’ll have to pay more than $13 for it.  

Cote du Condomois ‘Corolle’ Red 2005 (France, $12.99 @ Kenaston Wine Market) 

On the other hand, $13 buys you a lot of French goodness from the Cotes du Condomois (try saying that after a glass or three without cracking a smile) . This is a blend of Merlot (80%) and Tannat (20%). It’s light (perfect for summertime sipping) and packed full of flavour. Lots of luscious fruit with some nice earthy French flavours in the background. Low tannins, but lots of well-balanced acidity and enough overall ‘kick’ to be the perfect match for a nice piece of grilled salmon. Highly recommended.



  1. Glad to see you are back in the ‘sip’ of things. If you are free this weekend I’ve got some funky wines whose Stelvin’s need twisting…Oxford Landing GSM, O’Leary Walker Polish Hill Riesling…Mount Horrocks Shiraz…
    Or if we go the cork route (as I’d love to revisit this wine) the older brother of the Corolle the Maestria Tannat-CS-CF. It was velvety smooth, big red goodness – meybe blue cheese and cheddar burgers?

  2. Sounds like fun, but this weekend is a little busy. Maybe the next one? I like the blue cheese burger idea!

  3. Oh that’s awful. Good to see you back. ish.
    Sipping a Henry of Phlegm Rosé tonight and trying to figure out when I’ll do my Niagara stock up tour.

  4. Ugh. Must have been the same antibiotics they gave me when I had pneumonia. Couldn’t eat for weeks. Don’t recall it affecting wine touring though…

  5. Yeah, antibiotics have a real way of clashing with wine (and food for that matter). Not a fun time.

    Is that the 2006 Pelham rose you’re drinking now? I think the LC here stopped carrying it (they were blowing out the 2005 vintage for $9/bottle recently).

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