Wine Blogging Wednesday #35: Passionate Spain

July 11, 2007

For the 35th edition of the ever-popular Wine Blogging Wednesday, participants were asked to seek out a Spanish wine, preferably for under $10. We were also encouraged to look outside of Rioja. I love Spanish wine, and since the selection here in Winnipeg gets better each year, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get back into the WBW game.

Since summer temperatures have finally arrived up here (although not today), I decided to go with a crisp Spanish white and I chose the Castillo de Jumilla Macabeo (2006 vintage). Available at the Kenaston Wine Market, it clocks in at $9.97 (CDN) and fits the bill perfectly.

The Castillo de Jumilla line is made by Bodegas Bleda and comes from the Jumilla region of Spain (no surprise). There are a few different wines in the range, but this Macabeo seems to be the entry-level white and is priced accordingly. The wine showed off a very light golden colour, much like a cava. No surprise, since Macabeo is one of the main grapes in most Cava blends. There wasn’t much of a nose, just a few hints of flowers and almonds. In the mouth, there was a lot of crisp acidity, some nutty flavours and a slight hint of the salt tang I associate with dry sherry. The finish was long enough to make this a nice pairing for lighter seafoods.

Final verdict? I liked it. There’s nothing wrong with a well-priced little wine that’s light, crisp and thirst-quenching. It offers excellent value for the money, and it’s a perfect summer white and would pair well with lighter seafood. But to be perfectly honest, I’ve never thought too highly of Macabeo. It works well for cava, but doesn’t normally have the character to stand up on its own like this.

The same producers also have an *excellent* rose and a very nice red (both Monastrell/Tempranillo blends) at the same price. Both of these wines are far better than the Macabeo and are available from Kenaston, along with other nice Spanish wines (including the ever-popular Penascal).

And Spanish wine lovers here in Winnipeg are lucky enough to have a number of places to shop. The selection isn’t huge anywhere, but most private stores have a few good wines on offer. DeLuca’s carries some neat wines from Telmo Rodriguez, and both the Boutique del Vino and Banville & Jones have some good choices as well. Even the MLCC has improved their selection lately, and offers (among other good wines) the excellent Juan Gos wines at a very good price.


One comment

  1. Hi A. I went for a red, but was rather unimpressed. Now you got me thinking I should have tasted a Cava. Welcome back…

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