WBW #42 – Just Seven Words

February 13, 2008


Here’s something fun. Today’s edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday challenges wine bloggers across the world to write about an Italian red using just seven words.

That’s right. Seven words. And we’re supposed to cover off aroma, taste, length, food pairing, etc. At least to the length that we possibly can.

Now I do love Italian reds, and I’m always up for a good challenge, but my regular readers know that I can be a bit wordy at times. So this is a real challenge for me.

For this WBW, I chose one of my favourites, Cantina Valpantena’s ‘Falasco’ Corvina (2005 vintage). It’s a steal of a single-varietal wine from the Veneto region and is available at various private wine stores in Winnipeg ($10-11ish when it’s in stock). And here’s my seven-word description;

Tart cherry goodness – fire up the grill!

That was kind of fun.

Corvina is one of the main components of Valpolicella, and can be very tasty on its own. I’d serve this with grilled tuna steaks (preferably marinated in a little balsamic and olive oil beforehand). Grilled beef would also be very good (although not a big fatty steak – try a leaner cut, again marinated in balsamic and olive oil).

Sadly, the hard part for local readers will be actually finding it. If you can’t find this particular wine, DeLuca’s stocks the full Ripasso version for $16.


  1. One of the things I love about Wine Blogging Wednesday is that I find out all about wine blogs I’d never seen before. Making mental note: it would be cool to pull together a group of Canadian wine bloggers… hmmm.

    Anyhoo, I’ve added your wine to Vinismo:

    2005 Cantina Valpantena Torre del Falasco Corvina

    I didn’t get much of the detail, so it would be great if you had a few minutes to flesh out the page a bit. It is a wiki, after all!

  2. […] from a mug” 1 Wine dude : pour, sniff, slurp, cherries, leather, yum! empty” Wine In The ‘Peg : Tart cherry goodness – fire up the grill! NYC Wine Notes : “Light. Earthy but bright. […]

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