Wine Columnists

February 15, 2008

In the last few years, newspapers have caught on to the concept of blogging. It doesn’t always work, but one of the fringe benefits of newspaper-based blogs has been an increase in wine writing. So to recognize their excellent contributions, here are a few of my favourites.

First up is the very local (and very good) Uncorked, written by Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson. I’m not generally a fan of the Winnipeg Free Press, but I look forward to Saturday’s edition for his column. And now that he’s got his own blog (the Grape Nut), I can enjoy his writing more often.

Uncorked (Winnipeg Free Press)

The Grape Nut (Ben’s wine blog)

Next up is the New York Times “The Pour”, Eric Asimov’s wine blog. As the chief wine columnist for the New York Times, it’s hard to top this one. Always worth a read.

The Pour (New York Times)

I’ll close off the hat-trick with a second Canadian columnist; the Globe and Mail’s Beppi Crosarial. His column (which appears on Wednesday or Saturday – or both in a good week) is another highlight for me.

He doesn’t have his own wine blog yet, but I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time.

Globe and Mail: Food & Wine

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