Don David Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

April 30, 2008

In the lead-up to the Winnipeg Wine Festival, I thought I’d share some recent favourites. I hope to actually start posting again in the next few weeks, but this will have to do for now.  First up is a gem of an Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon from the Michel Torino winery.

The Don David Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve will set you back a whopping $12.08. For that, you get one of the best Cabernet deals I’ve ever come across. The wine (from Argentina’s Cafayate Valley) shows a deep ruby colour in the glass, with lots of berries and chocolate on the nose. These continue in your mouth, where they are joined by toasty oak flavours, some good tannins and a tiny bit of mint on the long finish. It’s got a hint of the rustic flavour I usually associate with Argentinian wines, which keeps it far ahead of the other wines in the $12ish Cabernet range.

It’s worth the price and is widely available through the MLCC, where you’ll also find the Don David Malbec and the new Don David Tannat (neither of which I have tried yet). I’d pair it up with a big steak fresh off the BBQ. And once you’re finished, be sure to head to a private wine store for the even tastier Don David Syrah!

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  1. Good to see you posting again A..

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