Trying something new – and a great Pinot Blanc

August 22, 2009

Things have been a bit quiet around here. But I’m still enjoying great wine – I’m just looking for a different way to share my thoughts for now. So I tried something new last night.

I’ve been using Twitter for the last few months, and last night I used it in real time (so to speak) at a wine tasting. The theme of the tasting was non-red Pinots, and there were some great wines. We tried two Pinot Blancs (one from Alsace and one from British Columbia), two Pinot Grigios (Italy and British Columbia) and two Pinot Gris (Ontario and British Columbia).

Since I had left my notebook at home, I decided to Twitter my thoughts as I tried the wines. It was fun, although I found it kind of limiting. I can be a bit wordy, and the 140-character limit made it difficult.

Anyways, you’ll find my Twitter feed on the right-hand side of the page. Or you can sign up directly to follow me at:  http://twitter.com/alecstuart


For the record, the two Pinot Blancs were the winners of the night. I’ve never been a big fan of Pinot Blanc and I’ve always dismissed it as being kind of boring at best. I made the mistake of announcing this at the beginning of the night.

Wow. Did I ever have to eat my words. The first wine – Ganton & Larsen’s “Birch Canoe” Pinot Blanc (British Columbia VQA) – absolutely blew me away. What’s even more surprising is that it was the 2006 vintage. I always thought that Pinot Blanc was best within the first year or two and this one was harvested almost three years ago.

The Birch Canoe (how Canadian) had a huge nose with tonnes of tropical fruit (canned pineapples, but in a good way). In the mouth it was rich and almost silky, with a neat apricot/honey combo going on and a nice long finish. And for $13.95, I’d have a hard time finding a better BC white. Highly recommended.

And the other wine of the night (no picture available) was from the Opimian Society. It was the Hunawihr Pinot Blanc (there was more to the name but Twitter can only handle so much), from Alsace (2005 vintage). The nose showed off a hint of botrytis (???), and the mouth was rich and honeyed but with a neat layer of acidity to cut through it. It was delicious and a real surprise. I’ve never had a Pinot Blanc this rich before.

I’d sooner pair this with dinner, but it showed really well on its own. And it’s a real shame that it will be so hard to find a bottle of this one again.


One comment

  1. Hey Cousin,

    Love the wine blog (my first tour, sorry) and I will definately try the B.C. recomendation. We will start making a list now so that once the baby comes we can get back into it.

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