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Beaulieu Vineyards Coastal Estates Zinfandel

April 26, 2009

Not sure what the relevance of the term ‘coastal’ is, since I thought most of California’s Zin vineyards (Zinyards??) are inland. But whatever they call it, BV has done a great job with this wine.

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Nepenthe ‘Tryst’ Red

May 1, 2007

Even though it’s been nearly a month since my last post, I am still alive and kicking. And occasionally enjoying wine. I spent last weekend in Toronto, but the demands of moving prevented me from getting to any decent restaurants. I’ll save the Jamie Kennedy’s visit for next time. 

On to today’s wine of choice.

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Pepperwood Grove Old Vines Zinfandel

September 21, 2006

Just to prove that I’m not totally consumed by my day job, here’s a new post for you. 

Pepperwood Grove is one of the many ranges of wines from the multi-faceted Sebastiani family. I admit that I have a hard time distinguishing between this brand and Smoking Loon (also by the same folks), so I won’t play favourites. But I will say that all these wines hold some good varietal characteristics while remaining affordable and easy-drinking.

The Zinfandel is – in my ever so humble opinion – the best of the bunch. It’s sourced from 100% Lodi fruit. In the glass, it shows off some nice deep purple colours, with a classic Zinfandel nose (think blackberries and spice with a hint of earthiness). It’s medium-bodied (despite being a whopping 13.9% ABV) and is just big enough to stand proud against some charred burgers. In the mouth, there is a ton of great berry flavours with some hints of earth and spice (haven’t we heard this line before?). A long finish wraps up this tasty package.

For $13.99, it’s highly recommended. My only wish is that I had come across this one earlier in the summer. BBQ season is far from over, but the long evenings spent on the back patio have come to an end (it went down close to zero on Friday night).